Humble Beginnings

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Humble Beginnings…..

 I have always enjoyed art (almost every type or genre) since I made my first elephant sculpture out of a square tissue box with my mom when I was in kindergarten. It was purple, it had feathers and glitters. I can vividly remember how excited I was having made that with mom.

Although I didn’t get a chance to pursue fine arts or some form of art in college, I continued my love for art by winning coloring competitions, make book covers for book reviews that were really fancy (think using fire to create burnt edges for that vintage and medieval look) and doing extra art assignments. I hope to use my passion for art and my innate curiosity of every day living to connect with my children and other children.

My home is filled with all sorts of stationery and art supplies. I’m a serial hoarder when it comes to markers, papers, fabric, paint, clay, I think I could open a mini stationery store if I wanted to.  In addition, we use a lot of recycle materials and we try to repurpose whenever possible. Upcycling requires creativity and thinking out of the box and if I could, I would live in Home Depot and upcycle whatever I can lay my hands on.

6 years ago, I left the corporate world after having my first child. From then, we’ve been really grateful for the opportunity for me to explore and dive back into the world of art and being creative. We have been doing art and crafts with the children since they were little. Meddling with shaving foam, stacking tin cans, or just making a tent out of blankets and playing pretend camping.

I am a fan of montessori, reggio emilia and waldorf teachings and having been injecting bits of their philosophies into our daily lives. In my blog, you’ll find ideas for process play or activities that are inspired by the above mentioned educational philosophies.

From creating activities for my kids at home, I was also running mini play and art sessions with my friends and neighbours while we were living in Shanghai.  2 years ago, 2 friends and I started running kids workshop out of museums and in the park. I always felt like a travelling artist during those days, pulling my trolley filled with art supplies and going from the carpark to destination. Today, I am taking a big leap and setting up a space that has open studio hours for children and families to step in and express themselves. Think plenty of  interaction, collaboration, independent, and movement work in the space. I am looking forward to this adventure and I do hope to turn this cozy space to one that is inviting and safe for children to work on their creativity;  raising children to be creative thinkers.


P.S. I’m also into getting kids to eat well and this website will showcase easy to make and cafe worthy looking and tasty dishes that I make for the kids. I hope to create a movement “Let kids have real food” someday. 

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