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Sometimes I feel like a nomad. Having moved houses countless of times, countries and continents for the past 15 years. And when I used to do art in the parks, a travelling artist, I used to call myself. Today, we’ve found a forever home (oh well, I hope it would be) for our family and also this little studio that we hope to make a difference to children and the community.

I love the idea of a studio amidst the greenery and was really blessed to have this accidental find. I have been looking for a space for children to just create in their own way, with minimal instruction, and learning to collaborate and respect other fellow little artists. Although it’s a little hut (that’s what we first called it and when I told my kids about it), we are able to use the space outside of the hut to explore, create and discover new things.

I am going to attempt to capture and record these moments from a bare space and working with what we have to set up the studio.

We’ve got 2 big white movable walls that came along with the place and we’re going to make the best of what we can with them. I’ve got an old L-Bench from my old house and we’ve decided to use it at this space too. It was handmade by some very good uncle carpenters who are probably retired by now. I just added a couple of fold-able tables and benches so that this space can be used in a variety of ways (or what Elaine, my associate would say “Modular”). We’re going to add a shelf and a couple of wall hooks to spruce up the space. I think we’re heading for the minimalist look and creating that “hygge” ambience.

Here’s us unpacking and setting up on Day 1. Even little hands can help out, working those fine motor skills whilst screwing in the legs.

I’ll be adding more to this blog and like Leonardo Da Vinci once said “Art is never finished, only abandoned”.  This studio is going to keep evolving and we are looking forward to the new seas ahead.

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