Mermaid Crafts

Joy, who is our creative facilitator at the studio is a great Disney songs fan and I got hooked to “The Little Mermaid” soundtrack. During my trip to the US last year, I actually convinced my husband to bring home a Little Mermaid vinyl from the Disney store. At home, one of our favourite books to read is “The Singing Mermaid” by Julia Donaldson. It has lovely story line is a a great way to introduce a mermaid to your little one.

My daughter, who is turning 7 next week, is totally mesmerized with the mermaid swim tails that has been on retail in town for quite a while. I told her that when she’s more confident in the water, we would get it. But every time I walk past “The Children’s Showcase” or “Groovy Gifts”, I am so tempted to bring one tail back for her along with the full emsemble! Did you know that there are mermaid blankets out there too? They are absolutely adorable.

Anyway, if you are a mermaid fan or your child is one, I found a couple of crafts that we could go gaga over.  Are you ready?


Mermaid Dolls by Art Camp are so gorgeous. I love that it’s made out of egg cartons and toilet rolls. There’s a template to help with getting the mermaid head and hair. Don’t you think the colors of the tails are so etheral looking? I am going to attempt to make these some time soon.

For instructions, click on the image to Art Camp website.

TP Roll Mermaid doll from Red Ted Art is another one that looks really fun to make and any craft that is made out of recycled materials makes my heart flutter. I think this is a good craft for kids age 5+ if they were to make it from scratch. But if you have younger kids, I think it would be fun for them to paint and add in the embellishments.

For instructions, click on the image to Red Ted Art.

Doesn’t this look so inviting to look at? The texture and contrasting shape of lines and curves makes it so wall worthy! I wasn’t able to locate the owner of this image and give credit or link to. If anyone does, please let me know and I’ll update this. This craft works on tearing, pasting to create the waves and then a hole puncher to create the scales. Work on similar color shades for the waves and the tail so that there is distinction. Try flipping through travel magazines is one great way to get blues and greens and also to recycle the pages.

A mermaid should have a sea shell picture frame. Use those shells that you’ve picked up at the beach, a wooden frame of your choice, add modpodge and glitter and there you have a beautiful frame. Perhaps you can make an activity to the beach to pick up shells and that would add an extra personal touch to the frame. I think this activity is great for kids from ages 3 and above. Click on image for more details.

The projects above are easily done because most materials could be found at home. But if you like, we have most of these materials in the studio that you could come by to make with your little one. Drop us an email if you’re planning to make one of these items and we can prepare them ahead of time for your visit.


Happy Friday!





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