Mess Free Printing Idea for V-day and other no-mess ideas

We’re into February and how time flies! Love is in the air, and in Singapore, we celebrate Lunar New Year with lots of red, mandarin oranges, pineapple tarts, spring cleaning, and reunion dinner. Kids back in school, picking up bugs and resting at home. It is chaotic at home, but I’ve managed to find time lately to start painting and experimenting with paints again.

At the studio, we love it when the kids are messy, working with paints, glitter, paper, bits and bobs. But the same cannot be said when we are home, with lots of other activities that take priority. Cleaning up after a craft day on the dining table and floor isn’t that appealing to most of us. For those with a dedicated craft room, lucky you and for the kids!

For this V-day, making those friendship cards or v-day cards, perhaps a mess free activity might be a green light for you at home. Have you tried working with paint and paper in the bottle?

Painting in a jar – creating designs on paper for crafts

This craft activity is simple to set up and fun for younger kids to do the shaking, rolling and working on those gross motor skills.

Materials and Supplies

Plastic jar/glass jar with lid (older kids can use glass bottles)

Marble, beans, beads, corn kernels

Paper trimmed to size to fit in the jar



  • Drop a little paint into the bottle, add in your paper and marble.
  • Close the lid and shake.
  • Kids will enjoy seeing the paint on the getting smeared on the paper.
  • Once you’re happy with the marks on it, you can remove the paper.
  • Leave it to dry and use if for your craft.

At the studio, we made a mobile and card with the printed paper we created.

And if you do drop by the studio, you’ll see that we have a large sheet of plastic where we have paint for children to squish it without getting paint. You could do a smaller version at home using a zip lock bag, and adding a few drops of paint and taping the sides to the table or window for your little ones to work with.

From Growing A Jeweled Rose

Contact Paper window or floor art. We do this at the studio as well but it’s a great activity to do at home. You could use pom poms, paper, feathers, pipe cleaners, about anything for the kids to try to see if it sticks.

From Fun At Home with Kids

Stickers are a popular activity with most families. Include an educational element like learning shapes and colours with simple circle stickers found in most stationery shops.

From Busy Toddler


I hope these simple ideas can help you get started with doing art and craft with your kids at home and not be overwhelmed by the mess. Have a great week ahead and I hope the flu bug stays away.









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